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You are not alone:

One million signature for diversity in Europe

You are not alone. One million signatures for diversity in Europe

In the European Union there are about 50 million people who belong to a national minority or a minority language community. In the EU alone there are, next to 24 official languages, more than 60 regional or minority languages: this is Europe’s best-kept secret!

These minorities make a valuable contribution to the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe. Together with other Europeans they want to define the future of the European Union; a future in which not only official languages or dominant cultures, but also autochthonous minorities are taken into account. In order to preserve their identity, the minority communities need protection and support. This is what we want to achieve with the Minority SafePack Initiative.


The rights of the national and linguistic minorities are not always respected. In many cases their language and culture are endangered. These communities want to have the chance to live their life according to their own traditions. If we want to maintain a diverse Europe, the time has come to support and to promote the values of the minorities too.

The Minority SafePack Initiative does not want to take anything from the majority communities or from Europe. It simply wants to make a contribution to its linguistic and cultural diversity.

The organisations represented in the Minority Council are members of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN). Together with more than 90 FUEN-member organisations they started this European citizens’ initiative. The initiative is the most important solidarity action of the minorities in Europe in recent decades.

A team of experts elaborated the Minority SafePack, which contains a set of measures and concrete legal acts (laws) for the promotion and protection of the European minorities and the regional and minority languages. These include political measures in the areas of regional and minority languages, education and culture, regional policy, participation, equality, audiovisual media services and other media content and also regional (state) aid.

In a unique action of solidarity, the minorities collected more than 1.2 million signatures for diversity in Europe between April 2017 and April 2018. Together they succeeded in showing to the decision-makers in Brussels and in the Member States of Europe that we are here, we are many, and we want to influence and be involved in decision-making.

To the homepage of the initiative:www.minority-safepack.eu.


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MSPI signatures were officially submitted in Germany (25 April 2018, in German)

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