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Open Days of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)

Every year the German Federal Government opens its doors and invites all citizens to a “state visit”. The visitors are invited to look behind the curtains of the day-to-day business of the government in Berlin, and have the chance to visit the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Press Office and the Federal Ministries. In every building the visitors can get information and entertainment with attractions for all members of the family.

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) too presents its work. In the course of two days, thousands of guests get information in premises of BMI in the Alt-Moabit district of Berlin.

During the Open Days, also the Minority Secretariat of the four autochthonous national minorities of Germany presents itself. With a shared stand the representatives of the German Sinti and Roma, the Frisians, the Lusatian Sorbs and the Danish minority present themselves and the activities of their organisations. Normally there is also a programme on stage, where the culture of the minorities is shown, in music, dance and/or singing.

Consequently the Open Days are a good opportunity to raise awareness for the multifaceted work of the minorities in Germany and to come into contact with both citizens as well as with politicians. 

The next Open Days of the German Federal Government will take place in Berlin on Saturday 17 August and Sunday 18 August 2019. 

Press release: "Eventful weekend at the Open Days of the German federal government" (2017) (German)
Press release: "Successful Open Days with the national minorities" (2016) (German)


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