Minority Secretariat


A selection of activities and highlights in the field of minority policy

Next to looking after the interests of the four recognised minorities in general, their permanent political representation, their informing- and awareness-raising tasks, during the year there are also several larger-scale events or milestones, that come to the fore in the work of the Minority Secretariat.

We want to present you a selection of these activities and highlights on this page.

Among these are the following:

  • the debate in the German federal parliament on the languages of the Charter in Germany,
  • strengthening political participation of the minorities on the German federal level
  • representing the interests of the minorities in many different committees and bodies,
  • the elections for the German federal parliament and the "election benchmarks" that were drafted for these elections, which form the basis for in-depth talks and discussions and for cooperation with the Members of the German federal parliament from all political groups,
  • the Open Days of the German federal government in Berlin, together with the minorities,
  • the European Citizens’ Initiative “MINORITY SAFEPACK”,
  • providing information and advice about the autochthonous minorities in Germany, and
  • topical conferences or parliamentary evenings, organised with or by the Minority Council and the Minority Secretariat.

Please contact us if you would like to receive further information on these activities and highlights, or on other issues related to the autochthonous minorities.


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